Anxiety and Smoking

Do Cigarettes Reduce Anxiety?

Smoking cigarettes may seem like an immediate source of relief from anxious thoughts, but in reality it can be more detrimental than helpful. To the contrary, every element produced by a cigarette is actually a stimulant that has been scientifically shown to increase anxiety and stress levels.

Why is it believed that it does?

Smoking cigarettes is often perceived as a way to reduce stress. However, the calming effect occurs mainly due to changing one’s breathing pattern when smoking: deep breaths with prolonged exhales which can effectively calm the nervous system and create feelings of relaxation. The result of leaving an overwhelming situation combined with this type of controlled breathing has a positive impact on anxiety levels and helps smokers associate smoking with their newfound state of wellbeing.


When we’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, the most effective way to regain calm is not always reaching for a smoke – turns out there’s another technique you can use. Taking yourself away from that pressuring situation and deliberately changing your breathing pattern activates our parasympathetic nervous system – better known as “the body’s calming switch” – helping us become just as relaxed if not more so than someone else who smokes under pressure!

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