Grief & Anxiety

Acknowledge your feelings

The first step to finding calm in the midst of grief meets anxiety is acknowledging your feelings. Grief can come with a range of emotions including sadness, anger, guilt, and anxiety. It’s crucial to allow yourself to feel these emotions and to know that it’s okay to feel them. You don’t have to put on a brave face and pretend everything is okay. Recognizing and acknowledging your emotions can help you to process them and find a way to cope.

Acceptance and self-care

Grief and anxiety can take a toll on both your physical and emotional health. One of the best ways to find calm in the midst of grief meets anxiety is to take care of yourself. This means practicing self-care and accepting that it’s okay to take time off to focus on yourself. Engage in activities that you enjoy, take a break from work or social media, and engage in a healthy lifestyle. These activities can help you recharge and find the strength you need to cope with grief and anxiety.

Reach out for support

When grief meets anxiety, it’s important to lean on the people you trust. Talking to friends and family members who understand and support you can be incredibly helpful in dealing with these complex emotions. If you need professional help, then don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist or any other medical professional. They can provide guidance, support, and coping mechanisms that can help you find calmness in the midst of the storm.

Practice gratitude

Although it may feel difficult, focusing on the good things in your life can help you find peace during difficult times. Practicing gratitude can help shift your focus away from negative thoughts and can help you find comfort and calmness in the midst of grief and anxiety. Spend time reflecting on the good things in your life and find moments of gratitude in the midst of difficult times.


Dealing with grief and anxiety can be challenging, but it is possible to find calm in the midst of the storm. Recognizing and acknowledging your emotions, practicing self-care, reaching out for support, and practicing gratitude are all effective ways to help you cope. Find what works best for you and remember to be kind to yourself during this difficult time. Above all, remember that it’s okay to grieve and to feel anxious. It may take time, but you can find peace and calmness during even the darkest moments.

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